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Carol Croft's Crystal Insights
Carol's Harmonic Protector is a phenomenal piece of organite/protection. I have a few instances where I know it has helped to protect me and I've only been wearing/using it less than five months.
My first is the acknowledgment of the effects of those around me. There is a little local store that is 3 blocks from my home. I moved here almost 12 years ago and whenever I've entered that grocery I've encountered an older lady, whom I believe is an owner/mother of current owner, who is one of the most negative vibed, dour, sometimes downright nasty, individuals I have ever met. For years, and years, I've flitted between ignoring her, or attempting to kill her with kindness due to my not wanting to gift all my business to the big stores and convenience. When I throw in the other employees, including her son, the current owner, whom all seem to be terrific people, I have continued to do business there even though 9 out of 10 times her very presence makes me cringe. There has been more than once I've nearly vowed to never return thanks to Ms. Sourpuss and the negativity that seems to infect me just by being around her.
The first time I entered the store after I began to wear the HP, my stomach contracted with dread as I saw M.S. was the only cashier on duty. Dangit!
I did my shopping and hesitantly approached the checkout, when much to my surprise and delight, she smiled at me! This is the very first time I EVER saw the woman smile. In addition to her very not normal sunny smile, she struck up a conversation and for the first time in more than 11 years she thanked me for my business and I left her with a smile on my face. It was not until I was back behind the wheel of my car that I realized, as I've come to the habit of fingering my HP as I drive, that I was wearing the harmonic protector!
Thinking that this was maybe a fluke, or that maybe the other 100 times she has spread her blackness was actually me, I have now encountered her at least half a dozen more times and every single time the HP is around my neck the women is downright sunny, whether or not I go overtly bubbly as was my habit before. That alone is worth the cost of the pendant.
Another event deals with a new home my sister moved into. The first time I visited I felt that there were "others" present there. I'm not psychic, nor a medium, but the behavior of my infant great-nephew confirmed the fact that there were both positive and negative entities present. One of them was constantly scaring the baby, and I demanded that they leave him alone. As did he! The second time I visited, I had my HP with me and my sister informed me that the negative energy was still bothering her and her grandchildren. Feeling the power of positivity from my soul and my HP, I again demanded that the negative energies vacate her home and leave my family alone. For the first time in the month she lived there, no activity happened at all. The next time we spoke, she said that I "must have chased the dark one away from the children," as they only showed themselves when the wee ones were not present. My sis has a way of wanting drama and strife and I believe that the reason they had not completely vacated was her own dark needs. But the fact that they stopped scaring the children was another Harmonic Protection success.
My other story is a longer one, and also incorporates the zapper and a sudden, horrific, and still unexplained, illness from December. My higher self is telling me I should save it and send it to both you and Don on another day.
Thank you Carol for the HP. I know that wearing it constantly is increasing the light and warding off the darkness. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Carol Croft's Crystal Insights
Ever since wearing the Mary Magdelene pendant for the last 2 months, my psychic issues seem to clear up much quicker and the bad energies do not hang on for long. I added garlic to help with the heart issues on a more physical plane, but when I added coconut oil; what a difference. Just something in return for all you who are listening. I thank God for this practical use of crystals.

Carol Croft's Crystal Insights
Harmonic Protector is a very beautiful orgonite pendant with sweet scent coming out of resin permanently... It's been helping me a lot with negative energy that is extremely common where I live.

Carol Croft's Crystal Insights
Hello, My wife and I ordered a pendant or the Harmonic Protector from Don and Carol, after experiencing "their"... 8D Technology by way of Andy @ www.ctbusters.com (Gifting TBs, Pyramid HHGs, et cetera). THE FORCE OF THE ORGONE IN THE PENDANT IS...UNSTOPPABLE. HERCULEAN PROTECTION!!! I placed it in my Left Hand and...UNSTOPPABLE CLEARING AND HEALING! I suggest it as an essential tool to keep the "shifty" forces out. As a fellow medium or seer, I can tell what it does in the aura and you deserve it. THANKS DON AND CAROL. GOD BLESS, THANKS AND CIAO. Neal and Julia (Near Nashville, TN)

Carol Croft's Crystal Insights
"The Harmonic Protector not only protects when worn, but also builds up the aura strenght over time, PERMANENTLY. Many times when me or my family were under attack, wearing the HP immediately diminished the pain and other subtle feelings of invasion of negative energies in the aura.

Keeping the HP most of the time for more than 6 months permanently strengthened my aura. The more invasive symptoms of the attacks were gradually diminishing along the weeks and now they remain, for most time, just a fraction of what they used to be. The same happened with my sister and also with my mother, who used to suffer a lot from arm pains because of psychic attacks.

All in my family use one. It's a must have to anyone under the threat of psychic or occult attacks, and it's a specially good gift for those who are not aware or brave enough to defend themselves with boosting and grounding. Also good for those who are still spiritually awakening. It won't stop the attackers, but it will make a lot harder to them to cause any real harm to you. I can't imagine a better protective pendant out there, a real etheric armour upgrade!"

Carol Croft's Crystal Insights
"Hi Carol,

These are really beautiful pieces of art, and my pendant...actually smells like a kind of incense...

You really have created a small, extremely striking art that delivers on all that it entails: protection, transmutation, and a nice energetic key, from the arrangement of the shaped metal components. Interesting, as it relates in many ways to some of the ideograms of the Rosicrucian Order, but on a more root level, which is always good. Love to hear your story behind it.

The pendants really light up around the heart center over other placements on the body. Seems to work well on fear engrams, too."

Carol Croft's Crystal Insights

I used your Crystal Harmonizer to help my 3rd chakra recover from a very strong psychic attack and it worked great! As soon as I felt the attack start I would place the Harmonizer on my 3rd chakra, and it felt as though the energy coming at me just bounced right off. Not only did it deflect the attack but it helped my 3rd chakra heal after days of being attacked. I have used the Harmonizer in the past for general chakra balancing, which works wonderfully, but this was the first time I used it in a defensive mode. I'm impressed! Thanks for this incredible tool!

Carol Croft's Crystal Insights
Harmonic Protector: "It is a SMOOTH ENERGY. Reminds one of what it must have felt like to be alive before the frequency crimes against humanity, it is a personal shielding device.

The smoothness I noticed, very clearly and strongly - could that be the gunk is no longer interfering with the spinning of that heart energy center? The visualization of most heart chakras is of a cement truck, covered in sludge, that has huge boulders in there rolling and crashing around, wobbling all over creation completely out of whack and full of stuff that doesn't belong there. When this gunk is broken down, and the visualization here is a cerise colored laser light, their is a smoothness to life perception and though creation. This may be your Harmonic Protection in action. Also, for women, the disconnection from their mental body can be quite profound, leaving them rather helpless. So I think the HP is a must for reconnection to their lower mental bodies.

I have tested a number of different pendants, and can say that this one DOES offer smooth sailing through the field of negative EMR pollution that we live in.

Simple test that I ran, is how many rounds of EFT I have to do, when wearing the pendant, vs. not wearing the pendant, and what I found is that multiple aspects come up and along with the initial rounds, saving time and repetition. I found holding it firmly in my hand before beginning the session has an even greater effect. So as a complement to energy work and self-help, I found it a remarkable assist, and I hope that other will not overlook utilizing their HP in this way.

When using Carol's Harmonic Protector, I have the greatest rush of manifestation energy I have ever known. Worn as a pendant over the chest areas, could it be that with every beat of our heart, our frequency is held strong, clear and stable by the HP device?

The heart chakra is our connection to the lower mental body and allows us to think clearly, and not from survival fear - no surprise that this connection is almost completely covered in gunk. So it is a very important piece - I find that it allows me to see and hear past the games and manipulations. When I told a male pal to try it, I had a hard time getting it back - he kept forgetting to take it off, even began unconsciously handing me other items instead, like his glasses, and hits of paper, when I asked for it back. His higher self obviously figured this was a really good thing and was going to keep it as long as possible.
"The Harmonic protector does take a little time to get use to it before wearing it all day - our physical apparatus is not used to that much cleansing and free-flowing clean energy. I moved it to my pocket or my desk from time to time.

I forgot to mention the HP's effects at the computer. Previously, I would get on and just stay on all night, sort of sucked in. I attribute this to EMR's effects on my body. when I wear my pendant, I easily disconnect from the "net after whatever I consider a reasonable time. So their is a noticeable difference. This is definitely not an airy fairy device, as it grounds, deepens conscious awareness and perception, while simultaneously allowing freedom of connection all the way out there at one's will and choice.

Pretty exciting stuff -free to expand and be, without the catch of it being "noticed" and "blocked". So in summary, I find Carol's Harmonic Protector works effortlessly well and highly complements other tools."