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Helpful Gemstones for each of the Zodiac Signs

Each of the Sun Signs have specific gemstones that work very well with the people of that sign. These stones address specific aspects of the person’s persona. So these gemstones can be very helpful for people born under each of the Sun Signs. Sort of like a medicine cabinet of gemstones. Read below or download the Zodiac Gemstones PDF here.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan 19)

Onyx: For Capricorns, onyx increases wisdom and serenity. It helps them in their striving towards higher goals and in their appriciation for the beautiful things in life. Onyx strengthens their sense of responsibility and helps them recognize conflicts.

Malachite: Malachite can help Capricorns become aware of their deep unconscious wishes, dreams, and feelings. If they can allow a little more room for emotions, their success and satisfaction will be even greater.

Tourmaline: The dark green variety of tourmaline helps Capricorns achieve wealth and fame. It is a reminder that these are fair rewards for effort and hard work. It also helps temper Capricorn’s natural pride and arrogance.

Agate: Agate helps Capricorns feel same and relaxed. It is a most important remedy for those who cannot let go even with their own immediate family. In such cases agate will promote the ability to trust and let down one’s guard.

Black Pearl: Black pearl has a calming effect on Capricorns. Even if they have had bitter experiences, it will help them to see that growth and understanding can come out of suffering. With black pearl Capricorns can discover the beauty and depth of their character.

Moss Agate: Moss Agate is the lucky stone for Capricorns. It assures happiness in love. It enhances communication with friends and colleagues. It also provides a deeper connection with nature.

Other important gemstones for Capricorn

Rock crystal: Rock Crystal helps Capricorns achieve clarity and spiritual purity. In that way it helps them go beyond the confines of their expectations and loosen the grip of cares and responsibilities to enjoy a more expansive life.

Diamond: Diamond strengthens the concentration of Capricorns. It helps them achieve their goals unhindered. It opens them up to worlds of art, music and beauty, because it allows them to transcend day to day cares and take pleasure in the world around them.

Jasper: Capricorns will find that this gemstone promotes steadfastness and self-confidence. At the the same time, it will remind them that the search for meaning must extend beyond their everyday cares and duties.

Obsidian: Obsidian will help Capricorns reach their goals. It protects them from negative influences and vibrations that can drain their life force. By recognizing the correspondences between microcosm and macrocosm, a capricorn can avoid emotional problems and achieve balance and stability.

Smoky Quartz: This gemstone can help Capricorns loosen attachment to material things and become more sensitive and understanding to those around them.

Sapphire: Sapphire and smoky quartz work well together to help Capricorns recognize the ephemeral nature of the moment and learn to acknowledge the sacred principles guiding the cosmos.

Citrine: Citrine strengthens Capricorns aura and leads to self-confidence and warm-heartedness. It can help them through those difficult times, in which they waver, and self doubt gains the upper hand. Then it can provide a sense of inner peace and the confidence to once again believe in life.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

Turquoise: This gemstone is effective in counteracting and moderating mood swings. It can help Aquarians temper the urge for new things and return to an appreciation of his partner and realities of his own situation. It can also help counter indifference, which is on of the negative qualities that Aquarians can display toward those nearest to them.

Aquamarine: Aquamarine helps Aquarians achieve unity and psychological integration. It mediates between the desire for freedom and need for boundaries. With this gemstone’s support Aquarians can maintain a sense of freedom in the midst of adversity and constraint.

Labradorite: Labradorite strengthens Aquarian’s intuition and helps them realize their goals. It calms their natural restlessness and provides inner composure. Black labradorite is particularly effective in promoting fantasy and creativity. It also strengthens the powers of recall.

Amazonite: For Aquarians this stone has a calming effect. It enhances vitality and enjoyment of live. It symbolizes an openness to one’s environment and neighbors and thereby smoothes the way to friendship and love. Amazonite is also effective in combating mood swings and strengthens the self-confidence of those who wear it. It also reduces the pain of grieving and promotes sound, healthful sleep.

Falcon’s Eye: Falcon’s eye stands for awareness. It’s possessor begins to see the world and those around him or her with renewed clarity. It helps Aquarians to concentrate on essential things and address character weaknesses. It sharpens perceptions and provides an infusion of energy and freshness.

Topaz: Topaz leads to self-realization. Blue topaz is the most helpful for Aquarians, as it fosters creativity and the ability to actualize ideas and projects. All varieties of topaz provide their possessors with enhanced receptivity and a richer fantasy life.

Fluorite: Fluorite can lead Aquarians to higher levels of understanding. It strengthens the intellectual apprehension of the truth and the grasp of cosmic ideas.

Malachite: Malachite is very important for Aquarians. It can bring unconscious elements that have resided as vaguely formulated hopes or plans into the full light of awareness. It teaches Aquarians to believe in themselves and listen to their own body. It also provides a brake on recklessness.

Other important gemstones for Aquarians

Jade: Jade helps bind Aquarians to tradition. It offers them an understanding and appreciation of perennially transmitted wisdom. Through it’s calming effect it can provide a pause for reflection that is sometimes an essential counterweight to the Aquarian’s restless yearning after new experiences.

Chalcedony: With its soothing influence and calming energies, chalcedony can assist those suffering from mood swings. It can help during times of personal and professional stress. It helps with impatience and restlessness and can impart serenity to those born under this sign.

Diamond: Diamonds give order to the sometimes overactive imagination of Aquarians. Diamonds also support efforts toward self-awareness and promote qualities of perseverance and emotional stability.

Moonstone: Moonstone connects Aquarians with the powers of nature. It fosters patience and a greater sensibility to one’s environment. It also helps Aquarians tolerate the slower pace of others, who are having a hard time keeping up with his restless search for new ideas.

Opal: The Aquarian’s rich fantasy life is enhanced by opal, which also strengthens his creativity and helps him/her realize the ideas his/her fertile imagination produces.

Onyx: Onyx reminds Aquarians that there is a world outside of their imagination that they can explore and experience. The calmness that onyx brings and powerful vibration can point to the path that the soul must travel.

Tourmaline: Tourmaline is one of the most perfect stones on the planet. Its ability to reflect all the colors of light from the clearest white to the darkest black encourages Aquarians to avoid carelessness and superficiality and offers them steadfastness and peace.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

Amethyst: Amethyst will give Pisces the strength and courage to open his heart and mind to love. It furthers his creative gifts and helps him express his feelings and organize them in a coherent fasion.

Opal: This stone is known for its fortunate properties. It brings with it harmony and happiness in life. These qualities can help spur the intuitive Piscean’s meditations. It also can help restore cheerfulness to one stricken with depression or heartache.

Blue sapphire: This gemstone helps those born under the sign of Pisces achieve higher levels of spirituality. Its deep blue color signifies divinity as well as loyalty, devotion and friendship. Sapphire also strengthens the critical faculty and promotes mental toughness.

Fluorite: Fluorite enlarges understanding and can help Pisces grasp complex truths. When he comes to a dead end, it can restore his sense of proportion and give him an overview of the situation.

Sugilite: Sugilite strengthens self-control. It prevents Pisceans from getting lost in daydreams. It protects them from being easily taken advantage of. It helps them to endure uncomfortable situations and gives them courage of their convictions and the ability to stand up for themselves in every situation.

Other Important Gemstones for Pisces

Garnet: Garnet with its deep-red, fiery color endows Pisces with will power, physical energy, success and good luck. It helps him to stop daydreaming and to make his dreams a reality.

Agate: Agate provides Pisces with stamina and patience. It helps him to keep his feet on the ground. Under its influence Pisces can gain self-confidence and make use of the positive sides of his personality.

Diamond: No other sign is as strongly influenced by diamonds as the sensitive and emotional Pisces. Its clear vibration and pure, bright light combined with its concentrated hardness enable those born under the sign of the fish to recognize their sensitivities and susceptibilities.

Jade: Jade supports and reinforces the loving and empathic nature of Pisces. It provides harmony and serenity and teaches trust in the wisdom of the heart. It opens the soul to the beauty and abundance of life.

Carnelian: This gemstone helps Pisceans to put the past behind them and reconcile themselves to life. It provides these acutely sensitive people with a sense of stability, but encourages them not to stagnate.

Rose Quartz: While providing inner harmony, rose quartz teaches this sign to better cope with the difficulties of life and the mood swings they can bring. Its radiance heals emotional wounds and awakens new life.

Citrine: Citrine prevents Pisces from allowing his feelings to go unexpressed. Stifled emotion produces energy blockages in the solar plexus and leads to loss of peace of mind, dissatisfaction and irritability.

Aries (March 21 -April 19)

Ruby: Rubies can help Aries when he has lost sight of how to reach his goals. It fosters intuition and creativity. Rubies can increase his passion, especially towards his partner, which he sometimes neglects, because he has so much internal resistance to letting go.

Garnet: This gemstone increases self-confidence for Aries. It supports positive undertakings. It also prevents loss of perspective.

Carnelian: Carnelian helps Aries who are caught up in ambitious goals and schemes, not to forget the here and now. Aries likes to enjoy life. With the support of carnelian, he can allow himself the time needed for rest and recuperation.

Jasper: Jasper symbolizes will power. It endows Aries with follow through and energy. Its red variant promotes sexual desire and fertility, but also inner peace and harmony. It strengthens the sense of self and its creative expression. Red Jasper also tempers negative feelings such as anger, jealousy and hatred and is a good corrective for those easily distracted.

Kyanite: This gemstone embodies heartsease and assists in meditation. It dissolves energy blockages and at the same time activates, calms and promotes the healthful flow of positive life force/chi. It drives out negative thoughts and produces cheerfulness. It promotes mental and spiritual growth in Aries. With its help Aries can ascend to higher planes.

Other Important Gemstones for Aries

Diamond: Diamonds encourage those born under the sign of the ram to strive for higher goals. The diamond’s clear light can also reveal their weaknesses and help them in the struggle to overcome them.

Hematite: This stone can bring Aries down to earth when he reaches to high and it can bring him into a better relationship with reality. It promotes purity and increases his level of physical energy.

Amethyst: Amethyst can be a good complement to this sign’s personality. Just as with the ruby, it helps Aries open up and guides him to inner spirituality. Armed with amethyst and his own will power, he can do something entirely unexpected, surprising those who see him as a single-minded realist.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Rhodochrosite: This gemstone has a particularly salutary effect on Taurus. It promotes a positive self-image and the spontaneous expression of emotion. Taurus often neglects these aspects of himself, especially when he is worried about his financial future. This can transform his natural frugality into miserliness. But rhodochrosite will combat this tendency.

Rose Quartz: Rose quartz helps those born under the sign of the bull to and care for themselves. When faced with professional and personal difficulties, rose quartz will help them find peace of mind. This frees them for clear thinking and fresh undertakings.

Agate: Agate strengthens their thoughtful, down-to-earth characters. Agate’s sheltering influence allows them to make their dreams a reality. It also helps them to live within their means.

Chrysocolla: This gemstones opens the eyes of Taurus to the beauties of nature and helps him to see the oneness of heaven and earth. Then he can free himself from doubt and make his life richer and happier. Stress and anxiety will also be reduced.

Aventurine: Aventurine brings patience and tranquility. It encourages Taurus to dream. This can be extremely beneficial for those bogged down in a world of materiality.

Zircon: Zircon leads to an awareness of impermanence. It helps Taurus find his way in times of loss, sorrow, and death. It counteracts the narrowing of one’s vision, bringing reconciliation with reality while stimulating the powers of imagination. The brighter varieties are particularly lucky for Taurus.

Other Important Gemstones for Taurus

Diamond: This precious stone gives Taurus the insight to recognize higher values and ideals and not think only of personal gain.

Malachite: Malachite lightens life’s burdens for Taurus and helps him through times of change. It teaches that everything in the universe is in the process of change. And that man as an integral part of the cosmos must also undergo transformation and renewal.

Emerald: Emerald imbues the often burdened Taurus with the energy and freshness of youth. It provides insight and speeds thought processes while enhancing concentration.

Obsidian: Obsidian helps Taurus connect with his feelings and stay grounded. This allows him to weather the storms that life can bring.

Citrine: Citrine provides Taurus with the sense of safety and security that is so important to him. Taurus loves to eat. Citrine helps in detoxification and promotes healthy skin.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Amber: Amber gives Gemini peace in her search for new and undiscovered territories. In its warm glow she will find the needed confidence to realize her plans.

Citrine: Citrine lights Gemini’s path, thereby providing the emotional clarity she needs to find her way through difficulties. It also helps her ground spiritual insights in the real world and expand her emotional life.

Carnelian: This is a particularly potent gemstone for Gemini. It supports spiritual vitality. And through its connection with the earth, it helps keep the volatile Gemini on course. It serves as a firm platform from which she can embark on her spiritual quest without the danger of getting lost in a maze.

Yellow Sapphire: Yellow sapphire lends support to all of Gemini’s plans and goals. It strengthens her will and critical faculties. It helps her be more decisive and feel comfortable with her decisions. Sapphire has particularly effective healing power in cases of stress, anxiety and nervous disorders.

Celestite: This stone has become rather hard to find. Its clear white and light blue varieties confer relaxation and calmness of the mind. It has a soothing effect and endows its possessor with a clear and awakened spirit. It is also very helpful in combating the feeling of being overwhelmed. With its help Gemini can enjoy all of her various interests and manage her busy schedule and still preserve her good spirits and diplomatic talents.

Apophylite: Apophylite alleviates nervousness and helps Gemini find peace of mind in the most difficult situation. Just as it can be used in cases of bodily paralysis, so it can ensure that its possessor will never become paralyzed by anxiety.

Other Important Gemstones for Gemini

Aquamarine: Aquamarine helps Gemini attain unity with the deepest levels of her being. It can show the open-minded and susceptible Gemini that true freedom requires certain boundaries. With the support of aquamarine the Gemini can overcome resistances and limitations to her spiritual freedom.

Rock Crystal: Rock crystal (clear quartz) provides Gemini with inner clarity and paves the way for spiritual exploration and meditation.

Chalcedony: The blue-white variety of chalcedony will bring Gemini inner peace. It helps her listen to her inner voice and be sensitive to the beauty of color. It makes her speech calmer and even more precise. In addition, it can help her avoid pitfalls along the spiritual path.

Moss Agate: Moss agate offers Geminis insight and understanding of different cultures and lifestyles. It gives them the ability to understand humanity and live in fellowship with other people.

Tiger’s eye: This gem encourages Gemini to direct the gaze within and supports clear thinking.

Turquoise: Turquoise protects Gemini from negative influences that can easily disturb her aura. It absorbs unhealthy vibrations and allows her to maintain her spiritual purity and vitality.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Emerald: Emerald provides Cancer with stability and alleviates mood swings. Its deep green reflects life’s meaningfulness. It absorbs negative vibrations and protects against them.

Moonstone: This gemstone teaches Cancers that one makes progress only by striving for the highest ideals. It forces them to stop daydreaming and face reality.

Aventurine: Aventurine can bring Cancers peace in heart and mind. When caught in the turbulence of their powerful emotions, they can find solace and calm in green aventurine.

Chalcedony: The milky white, silver variety is the best for Cancers. It is especially helpful when they feel like retreating into their shell and can’t find a way to share their feelings with others. It also helps them fight off negative influences, so that when it feels like the world is closing in on them, they can regain their creativity and break free of the bonds that imprison them.

Jade: Jade gives Cancers the confidence to trust in their feelings. A bit of jade kept in the pocket as a touchstone will provide a sense of security in difficult situations.

Opal: Opal impresses upon Cancer that she is entitled to her own feelings. This allows her to find a way through difficulties. It supports her striving for harmony.

Pearl: Because of their luster and smoothness, pearls are natural symbols of beauty and perfection. They confer wisdom and sincerity on Cancer, helping to guard against danger. They also provide contentment in old age and moderate mood swings.

Olivine: The Cancer who is beset by the anxiety and depression that come from holding to much inside should turn to olivine. It is also effective in treating skin disease and metabolic disorders.

Chrysoprase: Chrysoprase has a calming effect on Cancers. It helps them reach a balance between the conscious and unconscious spheres. It encourages them to strive for harmony and deepens their ability to connect with others.

Chrysocolla: This gemstone gives Cancer serenity and tolerance and stimulates both intuition and imagination. It is an antidote against the poison of hate and anger; it helps it’s possessor see that the world is a beautiful place. Its benign influence will enrich the lives of those born under the sign of the crab.

Other important stones for Cancer

Carnelian: Carnelian channels the earth’s magnetism. It can aid Cancer, who feels abandonment and loss particularly keenly. It teaches her that nature is constantly changing and that nothing in the universe can stand still.

Rhodochrosite: Its combination of pink and orange lends new strength to Cancer’s self-awareness. It opens her eyes to unimagined possibilities. Ordinarily, Cancer would dismiss these as something that could never be. But this attitude can lead to the dimming of one’s spiritual light. Rhodochrosite prevents that from happening.

Sodalite: Sodalite strengthens one’s mental faculties. Its blue color helps Cancer keep a cool head in the midst of powerful emotions. It also encourages her to return to face the challenges from which she has retreated.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

Rock crystal: Rock Crystal imbues Leo with strength and inner composure and intensifies positive vibrations. In times of adversity, rock crystal can help him regain his natural confidence and optimism.

Larimar: This gemstone aids Leo in resolving old problems and leads to new ways of thinking and dealing with situations. It protects him from exhaustion and the negative energy that can cast a shadow over his sunny disposition.

Diamond: Diamonds are the gemstones with the clearest light. The diamond’s piercing rays remind Leo that true leadership, whether in personal or professional endeavors, involves service.

Chrysoberyl: Chrysoberyl is highly beneficial for Leos. It leads to improved relationships with partners and subordinates. It brings tolerance and harmony and fosters gentleness in personal dealings. It helps Leos recover their optimism during trying times.

Topaz: Pink Topaz is the lucky stone for Leos. It fosters honesty, sincerity and fairness in the drive for business and personal success. It also gives Leos the necessary distance to think things over, so that they don’t become frazzled and lose their sense of proportion.

Other important stones for Leo

Onyx: To benefit Leos, to make their high-flying plans come true, onyx must be pure black. This stone keeps their minds free and flexible.

Yellow-gold Citrine: Citrine in this color brings Leo relaxation and rest, when he becomes drained by his strenuous efforts to reach his goals. It awakens compassion and the necessary understanding to consider the feelings of others, as he strives for recognition and success.

Garnet: Garnet strengthens Leo’s will power and endurance. It balances his sexual energy so that he can experience the deepest joys of love. Its positive influence will also make itself felt in his working life.

Peridot: Peridot displays one of the most beautiful and clear shades of green. It keeps Leo young, strengthens the immune system and revitalizes the aura.

Selenite: With its pearly luster, this stone provides Leo with the modesty and self-control that will best set off his loving and attractive nature.

Tiger’s Eye: Tiger’s eye reinforces Leo’s mental powers and helps him become more inward-looking. Thus he can come to grips with his weaknesses and overcome limitations. Then he will discover that well-being and happiness depend more upon one’s spiritual development than on outward measures of success.

Tourmaline: This gemstone has an especially powerful influence. Its parallel structure directs light rays and transforms them into positive energy. That is why tourmaline is of immediate benefit for the psychosomatic ailments to which Leos are particularly susceptible.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

Tiger’s eye: Tiger’s eye leads Virgo away from overly structured activities and lightens the burden of daily life. It lessens his need for security and stops his second-guessing himself in order to conform to other people’s expectations. It also helps him to be less of a perfectionist, makes him more aware of his feelings and motivates him to open himself up without fear.

Gold Topaz: This has always been regarded as a stone of wisdom and protection. It gives Virgos the courage and perseverance to implement their life plans. It ensures that they work honestly and fairly at achieving their life plans. Gold topaz is also the gemstone of self-realization.

Jasper: Jasper fosters modesty and self-restraint, strengthening one’s sense of reality and connection to the earth. Yellow jasper provides mental clarity, red jasper inner harmony. It gives Virgo physical and psychological strength.

Citrine: This it the stone of self-confidence and individuality. It has always been considered talismanic and is particularly lucky for those who have a distinct goal in life or have ambitious plans and need time and energy to fulfill them. Thus it is particularly compatible with Virgo’s character. In times of confusion and frustration, it provides good cheer.

Carnelian: Carnelian promotes idealism and the awareness of social issues. It supports Virgos in their aspirations to help others and gives them the strength to do so. Red Carnelian symbolizes activity and promotes energy. All forms of carnelian help Virgos take pleasure in living, which they tend to lose sight of. It reinforces their naturally steadfast characters and gives them the boost needed to undertake new enterprises.

Ametrine: This multi-colored stone consists of citrine and amethyst. It helps Virgo gain maturity and find a way of life that suits him. It also allows him to express his feelings. It dissolves emotional blocks and attacks the stagnation that hampers the growth of creativity and spirituality.

Other important stones for Virgo

Azurite: The pure light of azurite confers wisdom and truth on the soul. It helps Virgo forego an exaggerated need for order and enhances the romantic and spiritual sides of his nature.

Hematite: With the help of hematite Virgo will be able to with-stand hard times, great loss, career disappointments and manage extreme stress. It’s metallic silver luster nourishes body and soul in times of adversity.

Jade: Jade provides Virgo with health and vitality. It’s deep green color intensifies the flow of energy between chakras and loosens blockages of bodily fluids. This strengthens the immune system and allows confused emotions to become disentangled.

Lapis lazuli: Lapis keeps Virgo from being to modest and self-controlled. It is a stone of power and nobility and can heal body, mind, and spirit. It directs Virgo’s gaze within to the source of all strength and healing.

Opal: Opal helps Virgos appreciate the rich variety of life and open their awareness to spheres of action that seemed closed to them. In this way they can become more spontaneous.

Ruby: When Virgo feels that he lacks the strength to go on ruby allows energy to bubble up from it’s deepest source. It’s deep red radiance stimulates the chakras.

Sodalite: Sodalite possesses intense power. Its deep blue color represents spiritual strength. It serves to connect the material and spiritual worlds. It will increase Virgo’s inner awareness and help it find expression in daily life.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

Smoky quartz: Smoky quartz is a protective stone for the Libra who seeks to make her life pleasant and free from turmoil. It provides the concentration needed to resolve problems and challenges. Smoky Quartz can bring new ideas to a Libran and help her maintain balance and a positive self-image. Anxiety and depression will take a back seat and new beginnings will come more easily.

Jade: Jade offers Libra vitality and health. It’s deep green color intensifies the flow of energy between the chakras and dissolves blockages and bodily fluids. It strengthens the immune system and allows Libra to put her thoughts and feelings in order. From inner harmony Libra finds her way to the outside world.

Aquamarine: Aquamarine is a very important ally for Libra. It’s vibrations bring inner freedom and mental and spiritual clarity. Thus Libra can stand up for her own ideas and desires, and not give in so easily to the wishes of others.

Sugilite: Sugilite encourages freedom, self-definition and self-restraint. It helps Libras advance from subordinate positions. Under it’s benign influence, Libra can come to better terms with herself and enjoy spending time alone.

Star Sapphire: This beautiful stone supports positive plans and goals. It clarifies the will, and creates a sense of peace. With star sapphire, Libras can make decisions without second guessing themselves.

Chrysocolla: This stone fosters tolerance and harmony. It calms the stressed-out Libra and helps her let go of anger and hatred more quickly. When her inner balance is upset by excessive emotion, chrysocolla will show Libra the way back to her natural inner composure.

Tourmaline: Blue tourmaline emits a message of peace. It keeps mind and soul in balance and allows Libra to live in harmony under difficult conditions. It encourages her to look with-in to find her true being and more easily recognize her destiny. Blue tourmaline helps it’s possessor take responsibility for her own life.

Other Important Stones for Libra

Malachite: Malachite embodies the deep healing green of nature. It reflects the beauty of the natural world as it transforms itself through the course of the seasons. Nature’s innate harmony, it’s ecological balance of plant and animal life, speaks deeply to this sign. Malachite cheers Libra and lifts her spirits in times of trouble.

Turquoise: Turquoise brings together within itself the blue vibration of the heavens and the green of the earth. This is an ideal combination for Libra, who is always looking for harmony and balance. Since turquoise captures the uplifting vibrations of the cosmos, it is an invaluable ally for those facing adversity.

Diamond: Diamond’s crystal purity strengthens those born under the sign of Libra and reveals things that have been hidden. It teaches them to recognize the need for inner harmony and the beauty of the true self. With the insight conferred by diamonds, Libras learn to recognize the multifarious variety in humans and the natural world that surrounds them and attune themselves to cosmic forces.

Carnelian: Carnelian increases vitality. It lengthens the attention span and helps Libra concentrate on the task at hand and be more productive.

Kunzite: Kunzite brings inner peace and security to Libra. It gives her the confidence to make the necessary decisions. It makes Libra strong and self-reliant.

Obsidian: Obsidian opens Libra’s mind to unfulfilled dreams and desires. This stone, which comes from deep within the earth’s core, has the capacity to reveal all that has been hidden. When Libra recognizes the source of her discontent, she can address the problem and overcome physical and psychic impediments.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

Hematite: Hematite is an especially helpful stone for a Scorpio. It offers them patience and peace of mind. With it’s wonderful earth tones, it enables them to compromise and be more trusting of their partner.

Coral: Red coral helps Scorpios fully enjoy life. It brings joy, energy and sensuality and it protects them from envy and resentment. It helps them deal with jealously and self-doubt.

Fluorite: Fluorite promotes intellectual development. It harmonizes the positive and negative aspects of the intellect. Fluorite helps Scorpios to use their intellectual gifts, endurance and will power for the good of others and helps them to have a healthy balanced ego.

Obsidian: Obsidian loosens rigidities. Obsidian not only eases psychological problems, it also relaxes constrictions in the shoulder and neck areas that often plague Scorpios. This comes from their iron will, which does not allow them to let go and give their thoughts free rein.

Sard: Sard is a gemstone of justice. It encourages Scorpio’s sense of justice, while keeping fanaticism in check. Sard sharpens the mind, promotes open-ness in dealings with other people. It solidifies friendships and relationships. It guides the egocentric and introverted individual to become more out-going toward those close to them.

Spinel: Red spinel promotes determination. It helps Scorpios recognize worthwhile goals and gives them the energy to reach those goals. It lessens fears, especially of major changes in employment or divorce, which can discourage even the hardy Scorpio. Spinel strengthens the soul’s healing power.

Tourmaline: Red tourmaline helps Scorpios relinquish plans and ideas that their extraordinary will power cannot bring to fulfillment. With it’s assistance Scorpios can let go without falling into depression or losing their self-esteem. With red tourmaline they can approach others with greater awareness and respect for their wishes and ideas.

Garnet: Garnet allows Scorpios to transform their emotional strength and sexual desire into true love. It’s red rays bring them into harmony with the heart of their beloved.

Other important stones for Scorpio

Agate: Agate’s crystalline inclusions give Scorpios the purity and clarity to recognize their inner nature. With it’s help, they can maintain this inner purity and face any difficulty that life has to offer.

Chalcedony: Chalcedony supports Scorpios in difficult times. In their darkest hour when everything seems lost, chalcedony can restore self-esteem and trust in their own abilities and creativity. When they regain their self-confidence, they can return to life with renewed energy and succeed in all of their plans.

Jade: Jade gives Scorpio confidence. In enables them to acknowledge the beauty in the world and accept it without compromise. This will help them to become more sensitive and sympathetic and enjoy life more. Their happiness will spread to those around them.

Malachite: Malachite gives Scorpios the ability to acknowledge their short-comings and better deal with them. It increases their compassion for themselves and other. It helps them to speak hard truths in a more tactful and gentle way.

Ruby: With rubies Scorpios can transform their emotions and sexual desires into true, lasting love. Their red glow ensures harmony in love relations. They teach constancy and point the way to perfect oneness with the cosmos.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

Lapis lazuli: Lapis enables Sagittarians to realize their aspirations and share their plans with others. It also helps them find a partner with whom they can share their love and who will accompany them on life’s adventure.

Obsidian: Obsidian will help a Sagittarius in pursuing his goals and in his journey of self-discovery. It protects him from doubts and negative influences that could constrict his talents and natural gifts. Obsidian can also help a Sagittarius overcome emotional blockages and unhealthy vibrations and at the same time restore his natural optimism.

Aventurine: Aventurine enhances all of the positive qualities of someone born under this sign. Aventurine’s connection to the earth’s magnetic field strengthens his inner cheerfulness and the positive vibrations that flow from him. As a result, he can make a positive impact on the world around him. Recognition of this fact will make him even stronger and more self-confident.

Herkimer diamond: Herkimer diamonds promote clear thinking and self-esteem. They stand for openness and the free expression of ideas. It gives Sagittarians strength for new adventures. To get the best effect one should concentrate on the stone and project the awareness of the desired result onto it. You should always cleanse the stone after this by holding in under running water. This will bring the stone back to neutral.

Sodalite: This stone gives Sagittarius the strength to defend his point of view and remain true to himself. Sodalite helps him concentrate on the essential matters and guides him to higher levels of understanding.

Dumortierite: This stone helps Sagittarians relate to others with tolerance. It reinforces his innate positive qualities, while enriching intuition. With its help Sagittarians can quickly recognize their limitations and learn how to rise above them. The deep blue variety increases patience and consideration for others. It is the gemstone of loving acceptance.

Apatite: The spiritual power of apatite endows people born in the sign of Sagittarius with openness and joy in relating to others. It is very helpful in combating lack of motivation, it also helps with irritability. When anger seems to gain the upper hand, apatite can keep it in check. It is also a powerful antidote for grief and negative emotions. Apatite helps Sagittarians regain their good natare and equilibrium. It helps them release their inhibitions.

Chalcedony: Chalcedony directs Sagittarians to look inward toward essentials and protects them from restlessness and makes them more reliable.

Spinel: The deep blue variety of spinel fosters perseverance and endurance in times of crisis. Sagittarians who become easily distracted will find this stone very helpful.

Zircon: Blue zircon helps Sagittarians rebound from loss. It promotes clear understanding and remedies mental imbalances. It encourages Sagittarians to acknowledge reality but also promotes dreaming. This gemstone will help them process the new impressions gained from travel and social situations, while avoiding over-stimulation.

Other Important Stones for Sagittarius

Topaz: The almost transparent blue topaz is a true companion for sagittarians on all their travels. It will help them find their way through the wilderness and give them the strength and courage to carry on.

Moonstone: Moonstone will awaken new depths of creativity and imagination in people born under the sign of Sagittarius. It’s significant powers stem for it’s deep connection to the earth. It will give Sagittarians greater endurance and protects them from impulsiveness and self-doubt. Moonstone promotes even-temperedness and inner peace.

Amethyst: Amethyst encourages Sagittarians to trust their instincts. When they have been knocked down and begin to doubt their core values, amethyst will give them the spiritual power to recognize life’s meaningfulness. Then they will be able to once again, listen to their inner voice. To find their higher purpose in life.

Opal: This gemstone is a lucky charm for Sagittarians. It’s many colors mirror the endless variety of life. Sagittarians are naturally receptive to the wondrous riches and changing colors of the world around them. Opal guides them to a deeper understanding of the many facets of the spiritual realm.

Rose Quartz: With rose quartz Sagittarians will find the tenderness and love their personality sometimes lacks. Under it’s influence they will feel more secure and content, especially when faced with anxieties that may accompany charting a new course in their life.

Tourmaline: Tourmaline helps Sagittarians better direct their energies and talents. It provides them with the material support to start new projects. But it also reminds them that inner well-being is the true source of happiness.