Tucson Trip

Carol is on her annual Tucson buying trip, getting beads for her gorgeous orgonite creations and handpicking some pendants to add to her Pendants page. It’s great fun to be in Tucson this time of year and be around the energy of a city full of gemstones. Carol tends to have really good shopping juju, and she finds some incredible beads and pendants. At the show, you’ll see all kinds of things besides beads, including huge crystal points (and I do mean HUGE), figures carved out of gemstones, singing bowls, all kinds of jewelry, piles and piles of raw gemstones and polished gemstones. There’s no way to see it all but it’s fun to try!


Here’s Carol in front of a giant amethyst geode. You’ll see these all over in Tucson, and some are even larger than this one. A lot of rock hounds set up booths in Tucson and you can see a lot of unusual things that have been pulled out of the earth. It makes you wish you had a huge moving van and could take it all home with you. If you like rocks and gems, take a trip to Tucson sometime. You need a resale license to get into some shows but there’s a lot you can see without the license.

Stay tuned for more Tucson finds!


More new pendants!


I’ve just added White Topaz, Blue Kyanite, Pink Scolecite and Charoite pendants to my site. White Topaz is great for spiritual development and for manifesting your desires. It’s also a truth stone that can help you have mental clarity, and it is a healing stone that can give you energy when you are feeling low.

Kyanite, of course, is a great psychic and vision stone, and the Blue Kyanite also aids in communication, as any of the blue stones do.

Charoite is a wonderful healing stone, especially for those who use it do energy work on people. It’s a stone of connection and emotional healing, and can help those who are lonely. This stone can help you live in the present moment and develop your intuition.

Pink Scolecite is a lovely gemstone that opens the heart and helps you have inner peace, restful sleep and can promote lucid dreaming.

It’s so much fun to make these beautiful gemstone pendants available on my site. You can find all them on my Pendants page.


Rosophia – a stone for opening the heart

Rosophia a very powerful feminine wisdom, Mary Magdalene, Mother Sophia stone. Sophia went into Mother Mary’s body to conceive Jesus. She is also a symbol for Mother Earth, and brings the beauty and harmony of the world to the forefront. It helps you to be yourself in the world. It’s a beginner stone for people trying to open their hearts and feel their connection to the Earth and the Divine Feminine. For someone who is starting to understand that they have to live through their hearts, this is a good basic stone.

I have just one of these left on my pendants page, as these are expensive and difficult to find. I feel it is well worth it to have a piece of Rosophia as it is such a great heart stone, especially for someone who is just awakening or wants to open their heart more.

The pendant I have for sale is combined with Azeztulite, another very high energy, high frequency stone.

Sugilite, the Shield of Light

SG-004Sugilite is a beautiful purple or violet stone the awakens and ignites the Crown chakra. It helps you to find your place/peace in the Universe, so it is one of the best gemstones for highly sensitive people who tend to take on whatever energies are around them. I wear it to create a protective “Shield of Light” to protect myself from the negativity and disharmony of others. It’s a great stress reducer!

Originally discovered in Japan, most Sugilite comes from that country, South Africa and Canada. It’s color may be pale lilac, pink, magenta, with lots of shades through to deep purple. I’ve got some wonderful pieces on my Pendants page!

Seraphinite’s angelic connection

SP-11Seraphinite is a gorgeous striated green stone that aids and facilitates communication with your angels. It brings your non-physical bodies into alignment with your Higher Self and highest good. It centers and energizes all your chakras but is particularly attuned to the Heart chakra. It is very helpful for those concerned with bettering the planet and humanity. I wear it when I am in need of communication from the angels. 🙂


Larimar, “The Dolphin Stone”

LM-014Larimar is a beautiful stone that brings the ancient wisdom of Atlantis and the healing power of the dolphins to harmonize the body and soul. It helps you to connect with the Divine Feminine and is particularly helpful in releasing emotional bonds and patterns that no longer serve you for your highest good.

Larimar promotes clear communication and provides the strength and courage needed to speak openly from your heart. It also promotes serenity, healing and relaxation.

Larimar is especially prized as it is only found in one area of the world, the Dominican Republic, which is also a major cetacean breeding ground. Enjoy the selection of Larimar on my Pendants page!

Danburite’s essential role

WD-024Danburite is quickly becoming an essential stone for the accelerated energy we are living in. This stone emits pure white light so it gets rid of any dark energies that may be hanging out. Danburite facilitates deep changes and helps us to leave the past in the past. It helps us to let go of stress and anxiety, and promotes “Self Love.” Danburite opens the crown and attunes it with the Heart, and also activates the higher etheric transpersonal chakras all the way up to the 14th level.

With this type activation, Danburite is an excellent stone for communication with higher realms and angelic beings. It’s also crucial for those who are under psychic attack or dealing with very negative energies. Pink Danburite is not only a beautiful stone but also amplifies the activation of the heart chakra.

Because of it’s importance, I have gathered quite a bit of Danburite over the past few years. I have gemmy pendants on my Pendants page as well as less expensive rougher pendants. Both will work equally as well. I also have a quite a few rough pieces on the Rough & Polished crystals page, including both White and Pink Danburite. If you are not inclined to wear a pendant, carrying a rough piece can also be very effective.

The high energy of the Herkimer Diamond

HD-007The Herkimer Diamond is the “Attunement Stone.” Herkimers are the high energy seekers of the crystal world. They are clear conduits of Universal Life Force. They are excellent for breath work, meditation, dream and vision work. They are the most powerful of all quartz crystals, as they receive and amplify spiritual energies and also focus it. Herkimers remove energy blockages or debris and stimulate healing by increasing the amount of Light energy the body can take in and utilize. It is a strong crystal for clearing EMF pollution radioactivity and geopathic stress. It’s also a really good stone for stabilizing finances.

Herkimer Diamonds are named for the area in Herkimer, New York, where they are found. All Herkimers are 16-sided and double-terminated (points at both ends), and can be perfectly clear or have black carbon deposit inclusions. They can also be found in a smoky color or with inclusions of water (Enhydro inclusions). Many times you can find Herkimers with baby stone attached or in a family group (multiple stones together).

This tends to be a good stone to use for dowsing as it clears energy to give you an accurate reading. I have several beautiful Herkimers available on my Pendants page.