Carol’s Choice Crystals

FairyRoseSparkleThe “Carol’s Choice” page is a selection of beautiful and unique crystal items that Carol has selected and collected through the years. This includes rough crystals, polished pieces, jewelry and other one-of-a-kind items that you won’t typically find in stores or on the internet.

All items are single stock unless noted. If you have any questions about an item before purchasing, contact Carol at U.S. shipping is included and all orders are trackable to ensure delivery. All transactions on this site are secured.

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Golden Lemurians – Healing, heart energy, excellent protection, record keepers, ancient knowledge. Also known as “Golden Healers” these stones are hard to find and are much in demand, and these are exceptional pieces. The golden color may be more pale than they appear in the pictures.

Golden Lemurian GL-003
Size: 26 oz, 5-1/2" long
Price: $350

Golden Lemurian Crystal GL-001
Size: 20 oz, 5-1/2" big window
Price: $500

Golden Lemurian Crystal GL-005
Size: 34 oz, 5" extra fat
Price: $400

Golden Lemurian Crystal GL-006
Size: 26 oz, 5" double terminated with child
Price: $350

Golden Lemurian Crystal GL-002
Size: 22 oz, 6" long, big window
Price: $530

Golden Lemurian Crystal GL-007
Size: 2 kg cluster
Price: $710

Golden Lemurian Crystal GL-009
Size: 1.5 kg cluster
Price: $620

Golden Lemurian Cluster GL-004
Size: 11 oz. cluster
Price: $440

Golden Lemurian Crystal GL-10
Size: 6 oz. 3-1/2" long
Price: $260

White & Pink Danburite -Angelic communication, interdimensional travel, peace, high protection energy. The etheric warriors have begun using danburite for daily protection due to increased attacks. The pink danburite color can be very subtle but it’s there. Pink danburite is just a bit more heart-opening than white danburite. Either one is an excellent choice.

Pink Danburite Crystal PD-005
Size: 75g, 58.2x47.7mm
Price: $50

Pink Danburite Crystal PD-006
Twin points - rare!
Size: 50g, 59x40mm
Price: $125

Pink Danburite Crystal PD-007
with tiny points
Size: 4.7oz., 112x40mm
Price: $150

Pink Danburite Crystal PD-002
Size: 44g, 79x32.2mm
Price: $88

Pink Danburite Crystal PD-008
Size: 85.7g, 84.8x37.3mm
Price: $130

Pink Danburite PD-004
Size: 108g, 72x50mm
Price: $98

Pink Danburite PD-009
Size: 24.1g, 66.7x26.6mm
Price: $62

Pink Danburite PD-010
Size: 36g, 65x28mm
Price: $72

Pink Danburite PD-011
Size: 24g, 58mmL
Price: $44

Pink Danburite PD-012
Size: 30g, 59mmL
Price: $62

Pink Danburite PD-013
Size: 24g, 64mmL
Price: $40

Pink Danburite PD-014
Size: 28g, 71mmL
Price: $40

White Danburite Crystal WD-001
Size: 30.8g, 70x26mm
Price: $62

White Danburite Crystal WD-003
Size: 16.8g, 57.2x24.5mm
Price: $35

White Danburite Crystal WD-004
Size: 37g, 83mmLmm
Price: $71

White Danburite Crystal WD-005
Size: 32g, 78mmLmm
Price: $35

White Danburite Crystal WD-006
Size: 35g, 63mmLmm
Price: $71

Celestite Geode CL-01
Angelic communication, aura clearing
Size: 7 lb 13 oz, 7” x 6” x 3"
Price: $180

Celestite Geode CL-02
Angelic communication, aura clearing
Size: 5 lb 3 oz, 6.5” x 5.5” x 3"
Price: $143

Celestite Geode CL-03
Angelic communication, aura clearing
Size: 10.5 lb
Price: $206

Celestite Geode CL-04
Angelic communication, aura clearing
Size: 5.5 lb
Price: $143

Amethyst Cacoxenite rough stones
CA-002, CA-009
Choose large or small
Super Seven, alignment with Divine plan, spiritual cleansing and purification, regeneration of the body
Price: $17 small (1 oz)
$35 large (2 oz)

Small pink Lemurians #17
Selection of 10, various sizes
Heart opening, record keepers, heart protection
Size: 3 oz total
Price: $26 for ten pieces

Smoky Quartz - protection, grounding, manifestation
Citrine - Creativity, manifestation, personal will, mental clarity
Apophyllite - Enhances intuition; connect with guides; high vibration; dispels negative energy; mirrored bottom can be used for visionary gazing

Smoky Citrine SC-01
388g, 4.5"x3.5"

Smoky Citrine SC-02
Generator (perfect point)
405g, 5.25"x2"

Apophyllite Point
Various sizes
$17 each

Lemurian Spheres #14 & 15
Large: 2 to 2-1/2”
Price: $80 each

Lemurian Sphere - Small
Small: 1-1/2 to 1-3/4”
Price: $60 each

Small 065
Protection Against Negative Entities Collection #65
Size: Various sizes of: Danburite, Selenite, Celestite & Stibnite
Price: TBA - Dish not included
Email Carol to order

April 1 058
Rough Black Tourmailine #58
An excellent grounding and protection stone!
Size: Large & Small in 5x7 flat; pieces may be bought singly
Price: TBA - Email Carol to order