Cards of Destiny Readings

Combining astrology and numerology, Cards of Destiny allows you to make sense of what looks like chaos in our lives but is actually the influence of different energies changing over time in a predictable manner. Once in possession of this knowledge you are able to deal with these energy cycles to your best advantage.

This mathematical scientific process aligns perfectly with an ordinary deck of cards and needs only a birthdate.

Most people come to me for readings when they’re going through difficulties in their lives. When there’s something they can’t make sense of, their cards of destiny will tell us what energies are present in that person’s life for that moment and help sort things out.

I have a lot of people calling me for business advice, so if they give me the birthdate of the person who owns the company or that they are going to be working with, it tells us a lot about whether it’s going to be a stressful business arrangement or if it’s going to one that makes a lot of money.

Many people also call me to ask when are they going to find love. Cards of Destiny can show when you are likely to find someone – and if you have someone already, we can do a relationship report and see which type of connections there are and which areas to pay attention to.

One important thing about Cards of Destiny is how people get caught up in the fact they think the cards are telling them what’s going to happen – that’s not the case. What it does is telling you the energies that are present, the opportunities that are present to you, whether or not you notice them. For instance, if someone is looking for love and the cards show good probabilities for it I’ll advise them to make themselves available, go out meet new people and be open to the possibilities, otherwise it’s not going to come knocking on their door – well, not usually.

A lot of people sit at home, and brood and are upset because their life, as far as they’re concerned, is a big mess but the only reason it’s a big mess is because they’re not putting out any effort to make their lives any better – for example if they want a new love in their life they need to go somewhere where they can find it.

Cards of destiny can help you make sense of what is apparently a mess but is actually a combination of energies that are present. And it’s not that things are set in stone – it’s all about opportunities. So if someone has lessons to learn from, they can do something about it and learn from it or they can say “no, you can’t make me” and the cycles of unplesantness will go on forever, because whatever lesson the Creator has got in store for you is being refused. Or you can just grin and bear it and learn from it, and come out at the other side with more prosperity and love for life.

What happens during a session is we’ll go through their life report and other reports as needed, and I’ll walk you through them, trying to highlight the possibilities which can be used and things you need to be paying attention to. I like to empower people to take charge of their lives and that’s what I try to encourage through my work.

sessions are $80 for 1 hour minimum
Any questions you have, including…
*Lifetime report
*Year reports (download example PDF here)
*Relationship reports

All readings are done with extensive, personal interpretation over the phone.

To have a session, please call +1 208-819-6016 or email