Tucson Trip

Carol is on her annual Tucson buying trip, getting beads for her gorgeous orgonite creations and handpicking some pendants to add to her Pendants page. It’s great fun to be in Tucson this time of year and be around the energy of a city full of gemstones. Carol tends to have really good shopping juju, and she finds some incredible beads and pendants. At the show, you’ll see all kinds of things besides beads, including huge crystal points (and I do mean HUGE), figures carved out of gemstones, singing bowls, all kinds of jewelry, piles and piles of raw gemstones and polished gemstones. There’s no way to see it all but it’s fun to try!


Here’s Carol in front of a giant amethyst geode. You’ll see these all over in Tucson, and some are even larger than this one. A lot of rock hounds set up booths in Tucson and you can see a lot of unusual things that have been pulled out of the earth. It makes you wish you had a huge moving van and could take it all home with you. If you like rocks and gems, take a trip to Tucson sometime. You need a resale license to get into some shows but there’s a lot you can see without the license.

Stay tuned for more Tucson finds!


5G Protection orgonite

Carol has recently developed a new specialty orgonite for helping to combat the effects of the upcoming 5G network that is slated to be rolled out in 2020. Some cities are already being blanketed with these new, smaller “mini-cell towers” that get installed on every block. From what I’ve read, these new towers are going to be even more disruptive to our bodies and our ability to heal. I found a good article that explains the dangers of 5G, so check that out.

Carol’s new orgonite incorporates Imperial/Elite Shungite (it’s known by both names), which Carol calls the Ferrari of Shungite. This stone comes from Russia and has been studied scientifically and proven to protect our bodies from harmful EMF’s. You can do some web research on this, and here’s a website to help get you started. She has also added Rose Quartz, Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, Dragons Blood Jasper and Quartz Crystal to help with the effects of EMF and radiation exposure.

Remember, orgonite enhances the energy of any crystal that you put into it, so this piece can do a lot to help when you are overwhelmed by the effects of technology. You can purchase it on Carol’s Specialty Orgonite page.

~ Dooney

Rosophia – a stone for opening the heart

Rosophia a very powerful feminine wisdom, Mary Magdalene, Mother Sophia stone. Sophia went into Mother Mary’s body to conceive Jesus. She is also a symbol for Mother Earth, and brings the beauty and harmony of the world to the forefront. It helps you to be yourself in the world. It’s a beginner stone for people trying to open their hearts and feel their connection to the Earth and the Divine Feminine. For someone who is starting to understand that they have to live through their hearts, this is a good basic stone.

I have just one of these left on my pendants page, as these are expensive and difficult to find. I feel it is well worth it to have a piece of Rosophia as it is such a great heart stone, especially for someone who is just awakening or wants to open their heart more.

The pendant I have for sale is combined with Azeztulite, another very high energy, high frequency stone.

Tucson gems available now!

Beautiful Multi-color Tourmaline

Carol’s recent buying trip to Tucson, Arizona has enabled her to offer even more amazing gemstone pendants as well as rough and polished crystals. The reason Carol makes the effort to go to Tucson every year is that the gemstone sellers will typically save the best of their offerings for the Tucson gem shows. Instead of just buying online and offering you what she finds there, Carol goes to the shows and literally combs through thousands of pendants to find the very special, beautiful ones that she sells here. It’s well worth the effort, and that’s why you will find offerings here that you won’t find online or in many retail stores.

The same thing applies to the rough and polished crystals that she finds. Many times she is buying directly from the folks who dig the gemstones out of the ground, so she knows exactly where they come from and can assure their high quality. For instance, I just added some rough Amethyst Cacoxenite pieces to the Carol’s Choice page for Rough & Polished crystals and some beautiful pendants. These are remarkable stones that have a very high vibration. Carol will be explaining more about these in an upcoming post.

Carol has also acquired quite a bit of Danburite pendants and rough crystals, and Herkimer Diamond pendants, both of which are high vibration gemstones. We will now be posting information about the gemstones and orgonite on this site regularly, so enjoy!