Tucson Trip

Carol is on her annual Tucson buying trip, getting beads for her gorgeous orgonite creations and handpicking some pendants to add to her Pendants page. It’s great fun to be in Tucson this time of year and be around the energy of a city full of gemstones. Carol tends to have really good shopping juju, and she finds some incredible beads and pendants. At the show, you’ll see all kinds of things besides beads, including huge crystal points (and I do mean HUGE), figures carved out of gemstones, singing bowls, all kinds of jewelry, piles and piles of raw gemstones and polished gemstones. There’s no way to see it all but it’s fun to try!


Here’s Carol in front of a giant amethyst geode. You’ll see these all over in Tucson, and some are even larger than this one. A lot of rock hounds set up booths in Tucson and you can see a lot of unusual things that have been pulled out of the earth. It makes you wish you had a huge moving van and could take it all home with you. If you like rocks and gems, take a trip to Tucson sometime. You need a resale license to get into some shows but there’s a lot you can see without the license.

Stay tuned for more Tucson finds!