Two more amazing gemstones

Pink Danburite

I found some beautiful White and Pink Danburite pendants in Tucson, which are now available on my site. Danburite is an amazing stone that provides a high level of etheric protection as well as helping you to connect to the higher realms. Pink Danburite helps you connect even more deeply with your heart energy. Both are vital in these turbulent times. There are several less expensive White Danburite pendants made with a simple silver wire wrap, or you can splash out on a more expensive pendant made with a sterling silver bail.

Just be aware that the Pink Danburite pendants can have a very subtle color, especially when viewed on a computer monitor. But the energy is heart-based and very strong! I also have both White and Pink Danburite rough stones on my Rough & Polished Crystals page if you want something a little less expensive or if you don’t want to wear a pendant. I have a number of Pink Danburite chunks that I haven’t added to the site yet, so please check back for those.

Amethyst Recordkeeper

I also found these incredible Amethyst Recordkeeper pendants. Amethyst encourages healing and promotes balance in your life. It expands the higher mind. Being a Record Keeper also, these crystals are used to access the knowledge and wisdom of ancient civilizations and the knowledge of your ancestors. They are used in meditation to access The Akashic Records. The energy is more feminine, more psychic and more intuitive, so these stones are like a super-charged Amethyst. You’ll notice that there are geometric shapes inside the pendants, and the back side is as beautiful as the front. This is a rare pendant, and I’ve never seen them for sale before.

You’ll find both of these gemstones on my Pendants and Pendulums page. Have fun exploring!