More new pendants!


I’ve just added White Topaz, Blue Kyanite, Pink Scolecite and Charoite pendants to my site. White Topaz is great for spiritual development and for manifesting your desires. It’s also a truth stone that can help you have mental clarity, and it is a healing stone that can give you energy when you are feeling low.

Kyanite, of course, is a great psychic and vision stone, and the Blue Kyanite also aids in communication, as any of the blue stones do.

Charoite is a wonderful healing stone, especially for those who use it do energy work on people. It’s a stone of connection and emotional healing, and can help those who are lonely. This stone can help you live in the present moment and develop your intuition.

Pink Scolecite is a lovely gemstone that opens the heart and helps you have inner peace, restful sleep and can promote lucid dreaming.

It’s so much fun to make these beautiful gemstone pendants available on my site. You can find all them on my Pendants page.