5G Protection orgonite

Carol has recently developed a new specialty orgonite for helping to combat the effects of the upcoming 5G network that is slated to be rolled out in 2020. Some cities are already being blanketed with these new, smaller “mini-cell towers” that get installed on every block. From what I’ve read, these new towers are going to be even more disruptive to our bodies and our ability to heal. I found a good article that explains the dangers of 5G, so check that out.

Carol’s new orgonite incorporates Imperial/Elite Shungite (it’s known by both names), which Carol calls the Ferrari of Shungite. This stone comes from Russia and has been studied scientifically and proven to protect our bodies from harmful EMF’s. You can do some web research on this, and here’s a website to help get you started. She has also added Rose Quartz, Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, Dragons Blood Jasper and Quartz Crystal to help with the effects of EMF and radiation exposure.

Remember, orgonite enhances the energy of any crystal that you put into it, so this piece can do a lot to help when you are overwhelmed by the effects of technology. You can purchase it on Carol’s Specialty Orgonite page.

~ Dooney