Tucson Trip

Carol is on her annual Tucson buying trip, getting beads for her gorgeous orgonite creations and handpicking some pendants to add to her Pendants page. It’s great fun to be in Tucson this time of year and be around the energy of a city full of gemstones. Carol tends to have really good shopping juju, and she finds some incredible beads and pendants. At the show, you’ll see all kinds of things besides beads, including huge crystal points (and I do mean HUGE), figures carved out of gemstones, singing bowls, all kinds of jewelry, piles and piles of raw gemstones and polished gemstones. There’s no way to see it all but it’s fun to try!


Here’s Carol in front of a giant amethyst geode. You’ll see these all over in Tucson, and some are even larger than this one. A lot of rock hounds set up booths in Tucson and you can see a lot of unusual things that have been pulled out of the earth. It makes you wish you had a huge moving van and could take it all home with you. If you like rocks and gems, take a trip to Tucson sometime. You need a resale license to get into some shows but there’s a lot you can see without the license.

Stay tuned for more Tucson finds!


Two more amazing gemstones

Pink Danburite

I found some beautiful White and Pink Danburite pendants in Tucson, which are now available on my site. Danburite is an amazing stone that provides a high level of etheric protection as well as helping you to connect to the higher realms. Pink Danburite helps you connect even more deeply with your heart energy. Both are vital in these turbulent times. There are several less expensive White Danburite pendants made with a simple silver wire wrap, or you can splash out on a more expensive pendant made with a sterling silver bail.

Just be aware that the Pink Danburite pendants can have a very subtle color, especially when viewed on a computer monitor. But the energy is heart-based and very strong! I also have both White and Pink Danburite rough stones on my Rough & Polished Crystals page if you want something a little less expensive or if you don’t want to wear a pendant. I have a number of Pink Danburite chunks that I haven’t added to the site yet, so please check back for those.

Amethyst Recordkeeper

I also found these incredible Amethyst Recordkeeper pendants. Amethyst encourages healing and promotes balance in your life. It expands the higher mind. Being a Record Keeper also, these crystals are used to access the knowledge and wisdom of ancient civilizations and the knowledge of your ancestors. They are used in meditation to access The Akashic Records. The energy is more feminine, more psychic and more intuitive, so these stones are like a super-charged Amethyst. You’ll notice that there are geometric shapes inside the pendants, and the back side is as beautiful as the front. This is a rare pendant, and I’ve never seen them for sale before.

You’ll find both of these gemstones on my Pendants and Pendulums page. Have fun exploring!





Turquoise Extravaganza!

My last few visits to Tucson I’ve found some beautiful turquoise pendants, including the traditional blue/green color, the bright green turquoise, purple turquoise and the rare and lovely White Buffalo turquoise pictured here. All turquoise is considered a great aid in communication and healing, and the White Buffalo variety, which is highly prized by traditional healers, has the added benefit of protection and purification.

Although it can look similar to Howlite, which is also a communication stone, White Buffalo turquoise can be distinguished by copper and aluminum inclusions. Another special quality of this stone is it’s ability to absorb negative energy, including self-sabotoging thoughts.

You can see all my beautiful turquoise pendants on my Pendants Page.


More new pendants!


I’ve just added White Topaz, Blue Kyanite, Pink Scolecite and Charoite pendants to my site. White Topaz is great for spiritual development and for manifesting your desires. It’s also a truth stone that can help you have mental clarity, and it is a healing stone that can give you energy when you are feeling low.

Kyanite, of course, is a great psychic and vision stone, and the Blue Kyanite also aids in communication, as any of the blue stones do.

Charoite is a wonderful healing stone, especially for those who use it do energy work on people. It’s a stone of connection and emotional healing, and can help those who are lonely. This stone can help you live in the present moment and develop your intuition.

Pink Scolecite is a lovely gemstone that opens the heart and helps you have inner peace, restful sleep and can promote lucid dreaming.

It’s so much fun to make these beautiful gemstone pendants available on my site. You can find all them on my Pendants page.


Phosphosiderite for a balanced life

Phosphosiderite is a gemstone I haven’t sold before, but I like it because it can bring balance and stability to your life. It’s also an excellent heart-based stone and can help you have a stronger spiritual connection to your life and with your spirit guides, and can help you access past life memories. It’s good for relieving stress and healing emotionally, physically and spiritually. The energy of this stone will go to work on the area of your life that needs the most work, so be ready! It’s usually pink or light lavender, and I’ve got three lovely pendants that I found in Tucson. You can find them on my pendants page.


5G Protection orgonite

Carol has recently developed a new specialty orgonite for helping to combat the effects of the upcoming 5G network that is slated to be rolled out in 2020. Some cities are already being blanketed with these new, smaller “mini-cell towers” that get installed on every block. From what I’ve read, these new towers are going to be even more disruptive to our bodies and our ability to heal. I found a good article that explains the dangers of 5G, so check that out.

Carol’s new orgonite incorporates Imperial/Elite Shungite (it’s known by both names), which Carol calls the Ferrari of Shungite. This stone comes from Russia and has been studied scientifically and proven to protect our bodies from harmful EMF’s. You can do some web research on this, and here’s a website to help get you started. She has also added Rose Quartz, Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, Dragons Blood Jasper and Quartz Crystal to help with the effects of EMF and radiation exposure.

Remember, orgonite enhances the energy of any crystal that you put into it, so this piece can do a lot to help when you are overwhelmed by the effects of technology. You can purchase it on Carol’s Specialty Orgonite page.

~ Dooney

Aqua Aura quartz – the beautiful truth

The newest addition to the pendants page is a few Aura Aqua Quartz pendants. What a beautiful stone! You can find your inner truth with this pendant. It stimulates your throat chakra, so you can speak your truth in the best way possible. It also brings success and prosperity.

Aqua Aura is one of the rare treated quartz stones that retains it’s magical qualities. Clear quartz is treated with pure gold, resulting in the gorgeous aqua blue color. It is similar to aquamarine but has the additional energy of gold, which is a high vibration energy and brings in ancient knowledge and divine wisdom. Gold is also the energy of strong leadership and the warmth of the sun. A calming and relaxing stone, it aids communication and provides psychic protection.

You can see three beautiful pieces on my Pendants Page.


Blue Apatite – A psychic’s stone

Blue Apatite is wonderful for opening up and exploring your psychic abilities. It has a high vibrational energy but is also calming and provides a balance to your energy that can be really helpful for moving forward and manifesting your dreams. It’s considered a “dream stone” for this very reason, and can bring clarity as to what you wish to manifest. Being a blue stone, Blue Apatite is also a truth stone and a communication stone and can be a great addition to your teaching skills.

All of these properties can assist you in developing your intuition and higher psychic abilities. See the new Blue Apatite pendants I’ve added to my Pendants Page.